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Getting Even
CBS' 60 Minutes [December 27, 1987] If you ever felt you've been cheated or neglected by your lawyer and dreamed about getting even, pull your chair a little closer...

Lawyers v. Lawyers
Time Magazine [January 12, 1976] Other lawyers grumble that Sacramento Attorney Edward P. Freidberg is a wise guy just looking for trouble.   What bugs them is...

Courting Trouble
Wall Street Journal, [November 5, 1986] The woman thinks her lawyers botched the case. An auto accident left her legs badly disfigured, and all she received...

A behind-the-scenes look at America's big money lawyers and how they operate
The Million Dollar Lawyers[1977] The most important malpractice attorney in the country, in terms of persuading the courts to write ground rules that give layman a chance of winning...

Horror Story
Time Magazine [December 10, 1973] The drama played out here was not a fantasy contrived to satisfy a casual fancy for morbid amusement; it was real, permanent and tragic. ...

What you haven't read about the Nork case
Medical Economics [July 23, 1973] Why the lawyers caught Nork and the doctors didn't......

Exposing A Fraudulent Surgeon
Legal Medicine Annual [1976] Unquestionably, no single case has drawn as much attention in the field of medical malpractice in this or any other century as has the case of Gonzales v. Nork in California (1974) ...

Panasonic loses big in local case
Sacramento Bee [May 3, 2002] A Sacramento jury has ordered Panasonic to pay $3.2 million to a local office machine business for fraudulently terminating its contract...
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$7 million ruling against Oates
Sacramento Bee [November 5, 2002] Sacramento developer Marvin Buzz Oates was hit Monday with a $7 million punitive damage award for defrauding business partners in...

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